Opening a Canning Jar – The Easy Way

Like most gardeners, I can fresh veggies during the summer and gradually work the canned inventory down over the winter. For a long time I struggled with the best way to open pesky stuck lids… until now. This method is crazy easy and I wish I thought of it sooner.

You’ll need a makeshift pry bar, like a dull butter knife. First, remove the metal threaded band that holds the lid in place.

Step 1 – Remove the metal band holding the lid on.

Take a look at the threads where the metal band threads on the jar. Rotate the jar and find where the glass thread is closest to the lid. This is where you want to put the tip of the pry device.

Step 2 – Insert your pry device right between the highest thread and the bottom of the metal lid. (here I’m using a butter knife)

Slide your pry stick in between the lid and the glass thread – then twist.

Step 3 – Twist the butter knife (pry thing) to gain leverage between the glass thread and the metal lid.

Pop. Off comes the lid! Now it’s time to enjoy this sweet batch of strawberry jam!

Step 4 – Enjoy!!

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